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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising offers you the opportunity for a marketing campaign that is far easier to control than any other platform. Due to it;s targeting and detail that you can go into within an account it is far superior to the likes, of leaflet dropping and newspaper advertising that is normally more expensive.

Setting up a PPC campaign is much quicker than other advertising options. Other than setting up the account the only part you have to wait on is for Google to approve the adverts. Though this can take up to 3 days it is normally completed within a few hours. Once set up and active, it is also possible to monitor and make regular amends to your campaign to enhance its effectiveness.

Getting the groundwork right is the key to a successful PPC campaign. Firstly, research is needed on the best key phrases to focus on. You also need to pinpoint your target recipient and find out which of the PPC options is most relevant to them. Google Ads are the most popular, however they have various products such as Google shopping, display advertising and their search advertising options. It could be that for your business adverts on a specific social media channel could be more advantageous.

Planning your monthly budget is an necessary to know if you can gain the right results from AdWords. If you’re using extremely competitive key phrases it may be that they’re more expensive and require a high click spend budget. After you have gathered some data you will then be able to decide whether you want the adverts running throughout the day evenly, at certain days or even specific times. Finally you need to identify which page on your website anyone who clicks your advert will be taken to. If there is no obvious page, then it is advisable to create a landing page.

With the groundwork complete, you are ready to set up a PPC campaign. Once live, there are monitoring tools which can be used to follow progress. These provide valuable data which can be used to inform changes to the campaign. Where certain key phrases are draining your budget and not leading to any conversions or sales, they can be paused so that your budget is spent on the profitable phrases you have.

If you are launching a new product, recruiting a specialist, promoting an event, starting out in business, or want to drive sales for a particular service, it is worth considering PPC. Urban Media have a PPC Management specialist who can support every step of the campaign.  From initial key phrase research to monitoring and adjusting, we can ensure that you maximise your returns from PPC.

PPC Management Reading